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How to clean a fish tank

(Northern sea nettle (Chrysaora Melanaster) floating, with Mackerel fry ( Carangidae) Izu, Japan. January.)

Fish are great stress busters:

Fish are our family members they also required care, love, and attention. Beautiful, giant, eye-catching aquariums are the great source of Vastu Shastra. You know aquariums are created the high source of positive energy around you. According to research in medical science high blood pressure, tension, anxiety and more disease cured by stare beauty of fish aquariums they also secured from the anxiety attack, accident, and untoward incidents. Movements of fishes generate positive aura, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in your home. Placed aquarium in the right direction this is a master key to success and harmony if you placed in the wrong direction so it may be ruined you. Feed your fishes on daily basis don’t forget because of they also a livelihood species so they also required food for survival.



Some tips for keeping fish in an aquarium.-:

1. Always keep healthy fishes in the aquarium because they give you health and happiness.
2. Nine fishes are the sign of prosperity, wealth, and love.
3. Fishes are the symbol of one to oneness.
4. A combination of eight gold fishes and one dragon fish is auspicious.

5. If a fish dies naturally so don’t panic sometimes they died because of disease, Immediately out of dead fish and put the medicine in the aquarium, so that the other fish do not get sick.

6. Placed the fish tank in a living room or drawing room of your home, not locating fish tank in kitchen or bedroom.


Cleaning tips-

1. Move the fishes- First step of cleaning, move the fishes from aquarium keep fishes are in the bucket or in a tub put them in the same tank water is like a health tonic for fish so don’t change it. Once aquarium checked well, no fish left.



2. Cleaning the toys and aquarium- Generally, we put colorful toys, rocks, and filter in the aquarium. You have to clean these stuff, use a table salt or hot water to clean, it will clean the entire dirt. You can also use salt to clear glass pot or aquarium.



3. Clean the aquarium- After releasing fish, toys, and filters. Now clear water from siphon system. Clean the whole aquarium with the help of a piece of cloth and salt. Apply salt to the clothes and clean it, Once the aquarium is cleaned, put the blossom, filter in it, and after putting the fish back into the aquarium, add methyl blue medicine.



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Fitness hacks for busy people




Our life is so busy, someone has to reach office early and some have busy to earn money. We are so busy doing our work that we do not even know what is going on around us. This part of the race has left behind health, and we are going ahead. Nowadays people get many diseases at work age. We earn money a little, but the money that we should enjoy life is the money we spend in fixing the disease. People have become careless because of their health, Diseases like blood pressure, sugar, heart disease, thrown are happening in every home. In a way, we are increasing the business of doctors and medicines. Nowadays people are having problems like joint pain, trapezes, headaches, for which they go to doctors and physiotherapists, and they spend all the money. All these difficulties give even more trouble in Old Age. We are responsible for our own health, but we do not understand it, we only consider ourselves to work, to make money and eat food. Today I am going a to tell you the easy way of exercising which you can do anytime, anywhere.



  1.  Morning exercise- Often people come to exercise in the morning, look at some exercises which can be done on the bed too. Before lifting, you stretch your hands and legs and it will open the nervous. After that rotate hands and legs in clockwork and anticlockwise direction, blood circulation will be good and no joint pen will have complained. After this, you move the hands back and forth and it will also cause full-body stretching. Lie down on the bed with a hand and push the legs back and forth, this is also a good exercise.



  1. Desk exercise- Sitting at the office desk can also exercise, such as rotating your head with clockwork and anti clockwise, standing on your chair and sitting will not numb the foot and blood circulation will remain. Sitting in the desk can rotate your eyes with Clockwise and Anticlockwise.


  1. Bathroom exercise- Some exercises that you can do in the bathroom too, like sit-ups, side stretching, jumping, you can do the comfort of the enclosure in the bathroom, but keep in mind that use sleeper while exercising otherwise you can fall. You will also do crunches and push ups with every shower.


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Gratitude is a habit of positive people and those who are rich by heart not by money, showing gratitude is not easy for everyone it is very big quality very few people have this type of class, gratitude is not for egoistic or arrogant type of people because these kinds of people don’t know about gratitude they always show their arrogance and putting other’s down, they never help to anyone. And very few people have a quality of gratitude the way of thinking is very different they are full of life are they are always happy in that case happiness is different they always make others happy, they always make others are growing. Gratitude means in Hindi (Aabhaar means jo apne bhaar se mukt ho jaye vahi aabhar prakat kar sakta hai) this is my definition of Gratitude.


Some people have an inner quality of gratitude some learn from society, friends or relatives. I see people always complain about life hey god we want this and still, you don’t give me, what are you doing why you make my life so tough, but they forget those things about god will already give it to you, they never show their gratitude to god. If you are not thankful for god, god will never fulfill your wishes. Gratitude is a key to unlock your luck, success, love, money etc-: If you show your gratitude it shows how much humble you are, what type of person you are it shows your whole persona.

Father bonding with his toddler son in a garden


If I talk about the quality of these persons so they are more happy and healthy as compared to others they are kinder and more relaxed, they are not self-centered because the quality of gratitude is working like a magnet if you have a quality of express gratitude everyone attracts you. They have better management skills because they know how to manage ourselves because they don’t interested in poking in others life. They always have a good feeling about others, and also they always boost optimism in anyone’s life. Decision-making skills are sharp of because they have a clear and crisp mind and believe in practical life.



Gratitude makes you a spiritual person your interest will be developed in religion it helps to go closer to god, it increases your self-esteem because if you show your gratitude so you will free from every burden of your life and you feel more confident and good so your self-esteem automatic goes up. You can easily talk to anyone without any fear. Gratitude is a medicine for your mind and for your physical health, those people are a regular practice of gratitude in day to day life they don’t have a doctor because it is a positive emotion it can change your system functioning. In a survey, doctors can found those who give gratitude they have less chances of heart disease, cancer, blood pressure and mental disorder because gratitude changes your thinking from negative to positive. So I sum up this  there are many ways to show gratitude like Say Thank you, Namaste, It means a lot to me, feed to poor people, open a door for someone and many more so choose your way and start showing your gratitude, be happy never criticize to anyone and wait for my next article…


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Specialty of Indian Food

Indian food is a culture in itself. It is admired the world over. It comprises of titbits of all the major cuisines of the globe. Indian foodstuffs don’t lack anything; in fact, these are copied by other nations. These are delectable, wholesome and mouthwatering. I will tell you that there is no matching of Indian cuisines anywhere you go. It incorporates traditional along with modern. It blends varied tastes. If you visit any ethnic group, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the innovative use of ingredients and flawless manner of cooking. It blends taste plus it appeals to all. The specialty of Indian food cannot be undermined once you taste it. Be it south Indian dosa, idli, vada, sambar, uttapam or north Indian samosa, kachauri, raj bhog it certainly beats continental and oriental cuisines. Whenever a new Indian eatery opens up in some foreign location, it gives their native competitors a good run for their money. One finds simple Indian food selling like hot cakes abroad.

As India is a country of variety and diversity, I find it a foodie galore. The little-known recipes of yesteryear are a hit with all sorts of people. One Indian specialty is a quick adaptation of others’ cultures into itself. As our country is referred to as a subcontinent you can very well imagine the vast plethora of foods one finds in one’s platter. You will find a grand mix and match of our traditional items with today’s worldly foods. It simply does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian this food tastes heavenly n you feel the top of the world after having Indian meals.

Many times it happens that local specialties are on top of a foreigner’s list once he visits India again. Numerous Indian foodstuffs are a kind of medication in themselves and yes, these don’t even have any side- effects. Ingredients used are easy to find and convenient to use. One craves for more once he gets a taste of it. Some  Indian dishes are time- consuming but then they give a fantastic result too. Every community is best known for their gourmet culture. If you learn a dish from a community then also you will find a whole range to cover the others.

A person with good culinary skills is respected and looked up to. That’s why they say that cooking is an art which is well perfected by us, Indians. Any person who knows our cuisine well will tell you that it is healthy and fulfilling at the same time. The system of cooking prevalent from ancient times offers various benefits of eating Indian food. If it is prepared neatly and patiently, then you don’t have to go to a doctor every now and then as it is a complete cure in itself. The standards set by Indian cooking are unmatched. Despite fierce competition from other parts of the world, we can safely say it is the best and will remain so all the years to come.

Written by-

Madhulika Verma

(Teacher, Writer, Blogger)





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How can boost inner confidence:



In this blog, I am going to tell you how can you boost your confidence, so read it and start and start implement from today. Actually, I see so many people in day to day life they have the very low confidence or low self-esteem or they don’t have the confidence to express their feelings or emotions as well as they can’t maintain an eye contact while talking or greeting from anyone.


Some people hesitate in front of the public or in between some kind of a person but some are hesitating in front of everyone they always fail to express their feelings in front of everyone. These kind of people are very shy, introvert, they are not open up, they like to live alone. But it doesn’t mean they are ill or mentally disturbed the kind of personality is different they are very creative, intelligent, smart, mentally strong. Those persons have low self-esteem or low confidence generally they start to compare ourselves with others and they develop an inferiority complex within a mind.

So they make different types of thinking in their mind, sometimes they go to the materialistic world, they think others are good they are bad or useless they lost their own identity because they influence others.At the early age of child, parents are want to know about the inner confidence of their child, actually this is a duty of parents they have to know about the activity of their child but nowadays parents are not doing their duty, they completely depend on school, see if you track the problem of your child so it can cure easily.

If your child has a problem with low self-esteem so everyone will take an advantage of your child until you do not care for them. So let’s see how can boost inner confidence.

First talk to your child as a friend not as a parent try to identify the root cause of a problem, if the problem is too much to go to good professional counselor don’t go anywhere else. Then I will suggest you some best possible effective methods to boost low self-esteem, it is a sure shot method.


Change the atmosphere of your home create a healthy and friendly atmosphere for your child because of this he/she open up in front of you, get yourself away from fear and  develop a habit to speak in front of public, second is start meditation because meditation give you mental peace, as well as negativity, should go from your mind, conscious mind will calm down, start doing yoga or some pranayama like- Kapalbhati, Bhramri, Bhastrika it freshen up your body, mind, and soul and start chanting Om. You will get positive results within a month.


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