Food for babies



Unlike adults, babies immune system is unable to fight of human bacteria baby food is stored in the refrigerator in decreased temperature so that the rate of attacking bacteria can be decreased and time usage of the food item can be increased Bacteria’s attack food at room temperature. And spoil the food but baby food items are made in specialized conditions. During the preparation of these food items, amount of nutrition needed like of carbohydrates proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are especially. Taken care of.

Babies are provided with different food items as their growth takes place. Firstly, they are enriched with only mothers milk and later on as it starts growing it his diet also changes to some solid food at around six months like rice, oral then pure vegetables and fruits are ideal some of the special food containing iron pre-recommended to be included in first foods so as to prevent iron deficiency. These include pure meat and poultry dishes and some pure vegetables, these can be introduced along with nutritious foods and it is made sure that no hard food similar to nuts are given to the baby at the initial stages.

By 12 Months of age children should eat a variety of foods from different food groups. These are necessities of nutrients found generally in all the babies whereas baby food and care should be provided to the newborn under the supervision of the doctors. Because the child is born with different complexities. So doctors are best ones to suggest baby food items to need to give to the baby at the developmental different stages.

A special care should be taken for mothers food whatever the mother eats or drink is pass into breast milk during breastfeeding. Therefore mother should also limit herself from eating all the injurious food which can harm the health of the baby is breastfeeding is the most important food for babies. So baby food should be provided with utmost care so that baby will not face any problem in the initial stage of his growth.

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