How your body changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most critical and critical process for every woman, they need special attention and care. The body will go through a lot of changes. Some common symptoms of during pregnancy is-:

  1. Fatigue-: Most of the women’s feel tired in common during pregnancy. Most women feel tired the first few months, so take rest and powerful naps every day. When you feel tired go for a workout and eat a lot.
  2. Problems with urination-: Your uterus grows and rises higher in your abdomen (belly), the need to urinate often may lessen, you will continue to urinate more throughout pregnancy, that means that you also need to drink more water, as you get closer to delivery and your baby descends into your pelvis, you will need to pee more, and the amount of urine passed at one time will be less ,if you have pain when you urinate or change in urine colour immediately contact to gynaecologist, this is a sign of gallbladder infection.
  1. Breathing problems-: Some women’s facing the problem of short breath in earlier days of pregnancy, chest pain and shortness of breath is a serious problem. The reason of the shortness of breath is your uterus is become larger, so your lu1ngs do not have space too much expand.           

3. Do practice yoga: Also join yoga but first consult your doctor, if they permit you so you can practice those asanas.:

– Paryankasana (Ham’s pose with one leg)
– Utkatasana (Chair pose)
– Konasana (Angle pose)
– Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to big tow pose)

  1. Sex during pregnancy-: Maintain intimacy during pregnancy, try different sex positions which cannot harm your pelvic area, you can go through for safe sex, fulfill your sex desire with some new experiment like touch your partner and start massaging in a different way, show your creativity during sex.
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Fitness hacks for busy people




Our life is so busy, someone has to reach office early and some have busy to earn money. We are so busy doing our work that we do not even know what is going on around us. This part of the race has left behind health, and we are going ahead. Nowadays people get many diseases at work age. We earn money a little, but the money that we should enjoy life is the money we spend in fixing the disease. People have become careless because of their health, Diseases like blood pressure, sugar, heart disease, thrown are happening in every home. In a way, we are increasing the business of doctors and medicines. Nowadays people are having problems like joint pain, trapezes, headaches, for which they go to doctors and physiotherapists, and they spend all the money. All these difficulties give even more trouble in Old Age. We are responsible for our own health, but we do not understand it, we only consider ourselves to work, to make money and eat food. Today I am going a to tell you the easy way of exercising which you can do anytime, anywhere.



  1.  Morning exercise- Often people come to exercise in the morning, look at some exercises which can be done on the bed too. Before lifting, you stretch your hands and legs and it will open the nervous. After that rotate hands and legs in clockwork and anticlockwise direction, blood circulation will be good and no joint pen will have complained. After this, you move the hands back and forth and it will also cause full-body stretching. Lie down on the bed with a hand and push the legs back and forth, this is also a good exercise.



  1. Desk exercise- Sitting at the office desk can also exercise, such as rotating your head with clockwork and anti clockwise, standing on your chair and sitting will not numb the foot and blood circulation will remain. Sitting in the desk can rotate your eyes with Clockwise and Anticlockwise.


  1. Bathroom exercise- Some exercises that you can do in the bathroom too, like sit-ups, side stretching, jumping, you can do the comfort of the enclosure in the bathroom, but keep in mind that use sleeper while exercising otherwise you can fall. You will also do crunches and push ups with every shower.


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Techniques for Biceps workout


Workout, Sweat, Glucose, Protein shake, then workout, sweat, glucose, protein shake, When you think about it you are at right place, When you think about workout as well as you think about your biceps because bulky biceps attracts, everyone wishes to make biceps like his favorite star or bodybuilder, but pumping biceps is not an easy task because biceps are a small muscle so it takes more time to pump as compared to other muscles, so don’t panic about it. Because biceps is a center muscle it situated between shoulder and forearms, so space is less for pumping, that’s why it develops slowly-slowly. And it also depends upon your workout schedule and your diet. If you take good diet and proper workout so, it develops fasten, not too fast but not too slow. Biceps is a small but important muscle of your body, so let’s see, how can do the workout.

Never do, this is a wrong technique.
  1. Forms: If you want the good shape of biceps so go slow, do proper repetitions slowly-slowly, I know it is deadly painful for you, but this is a right form to do exercise, stand properly don’t look down or side look straight and your arms must be close to your body then start exercise. If you not comfortable so you slightly far your hands from your body this is for beginners only. Don’t bend your body backward it gives you heavy back pain and you will take medicine to heal your pain.
  1. Grip-: You can set the grip according to your body or according to your hands, always take a comfortable grip don’t copy others, if you are copying so you get in trouble. Use your thumb properly for the tight grip, because grip plays very important role for the shape of your biceps. If you want broad biceps so take a wide grip if you want normal biceps to take normal grip. Suppose you do exercise and suddenly your forearms and biceps are full of pain, so don’t lose the grip suddenly, it hurts you.


  1. Right technique- This is the most important thing, every person who goes to the gym they should know about this technique when you pull the rod especially in biceps, pull the rod from lower and up slowly and touch to lower part of your chest, then go down, then repeat this technique. So, follow the right technique and get bulky biceps. For dumbbells take the dumbbell and keep close from your body and start exercise don’t shake your hands while doing dumbbells.



  1. Exercise for bulky biceps-: There is 6 major exercise to develop your biceps-:



  • Barbell curl- Barbell curl is a main and major workout for your biceps, don’t confuse in name barbell means rod, you can take the rod and fix the weight according to your power. Start from 10kg means 5kg per side, it is an enough lightweight to start the workout.


  • Dumbbell curl- Dumbbell curl is also for increasing the size of biceps, it gives strength to your biceps.


  • Incline dumbbell curl-Incline workout is basically for upper biceps, it develops your upper biceps most painful exercise of biceps because you don’t have any support, you can only pull the dumbbell from the power of your biceps.

  • Hammer curl- In hammer curl your brachioradialis is trained to develop again and again the rotational of your muscle is connected to brachioradialis.



  • Zigzag barbell curl- Zigzag barbell curl is opposite of barbell, the zigzag bar is a natural hand position grip, the zigzag design is different it is a form of ‘Z’ shape. Generally, the Zigzag bar is used to develop small muscles like biceps.


  • Preacher curl- Preacher curl is given proper shape for your biceps, it is the most effective exercise for the middle area of your biceps.

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Ayurveda said- Food is a medicine

India is a land of herbs and spices and we are really blessed we are born in this country, we are surrounded by the most precious gift is given by nature. Ayurveda is the most ancient, effective and old pathy of treatment it started since 1200 years ago in India. In ancient times people have used herbs and species to treat any kind of disease because they don’t have any other option for treatment, our body is made from 5 elements like-: Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vaayu, Akash.


All five elements are present in Ayurved medicines it can treat your body in a natural way. When you eat right kind of food you don’t want any kind of medicine to get fit. Eat Alsi you get Omega-3  Alsi keep your heart healthy and prevent from a heart attack, also eat Tulsi it prevents from every type of cancer, eat lots of nuts and cereals you get omega-6 it nourishes your hair and developed your brain functioning. If you are suffering from diabetes take Dal Chini powder it can adjust the blood sugar level in your body, coconut oil helps to fight thyroid it controls the thyroxin gland.

Can you feel weakness it can be a symptom of any disease but don’t worry start taking Sweet musli powder it really works can also work on upset immunity system. So many people are suffering from insomnia, depression, bacterial infections and infertility and they are so worried if you don’t know how can treat plenty of diseases start taking Ashwagandha Powder it has a huge range of benefits. We consumed food in a form of medicine but we can’t be noticed because we are not aware.

If you don’t have a time or your schedule is so busy or you don’t know what is right to eat, just start taking Aloe vera oil and Anwla oil it is a complete health package it has a huge  benefits it can prevent from all types of chronic diseases it purify your body purify your blood balance all the 7 components of blood. Eat right food at right time….Keep healthy keep fit.

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