Things traveling teaches you that school dosen’t


Travelling: Journey is more beautiful than destination

Travelling is a beautiful moment in itself, people can travel by bicycle, bus, train, airplane, boat and so on. There is some reason behind traveling like recreation, fun, research, business trips, health care, charity. Go for a traveling at least once in a year it is a good stress buster. First traveling is like the first smile of a newborn baby, it gives you a smile on your face, forget all your worries, as well as you, feel like a king. So let’s go for a traveling, come with me.


Benefits of traveling:             

Grow your social network go and meet to strangers talk to them anything reduces stress sing with them, dance with them. Feel more flexible and feel like a free bird and imagine from your all heart is you are really flying in a sky. Learn from people observe them and try to see the positive side of each and every human being. When you are traveling alone it is also a fun in itself nobody can distract you, stop you, you can do anything of your choice, it will make you more confident and strong it is also cheap in terms of money means you can’t expand much more money. Group traveling is the best when you are in a group so things will be easier for you can share your stuff with each other, and sharing is caring.


My experience:

I share my experience with all of you, I remember I went to pachmadi with my family when I was too small and too naughty. We are going and I don’t remember what’s the time and suddenly I missed my family and I start crying and my family was searching me they are so tense. And they found me after an hour. Because of my naughty nature, I ran away from my family so don’t be naughty while you are traveling it becomes problematic for you.




Don’t forget to keep your useful belongings while traveling like First Aid kit, paper soap, sanitizer, tissue paper, sanitary pads. I mentioned here very small but useful things because people generally forget these things.


Discover new places, sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge, visit a new destination, Always  Be happy, Can you suggest me where can I go to holiday in 2017 in a good budget in India??

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Types of Child Development

Child development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be but helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be. Every child has its own experiences of childhood. Childhood is not about having a race so as to secure the 1st position rather it’s about living each and every moment of his life. as childhood comes only once.

 When a child grows he always has a tendency to ask no. of ques. & get annoyed if not get those answer this practice of children annoys parent but this is the habit which leads to the brain development. This brain development of a child makes him intelligent and increases his power thinking critically.

 The psychosocial development consists eight stages from his birth till 8 years. During these 8 years, the development not only takes place physically instead emotionally socially and language-wise.

                A child learns many things especially his mother tongue during this development stage and starts inheriting qualities and habits from the family members and adults these habits carried by him from his childhood to entire life.

                Every child has its own unique way learning. In a way, unique way to handle their milestones in life During childhood, they go through small-small milestones like not able to convey their expression, not able to walk, not able to hold but this a stage of growth under which every child faces same problems.


                During different stages of their development, they face many problems. Like 0 to 5 years child faces a problem to convey he want to go washroom then 5 to 10 years during studies and if he does not have good friends then the problem arises. These are some of the milestones during the development of a child


                And a child born with exclusive imagination change this world easily Most of the development takes place during the stage of growth But childhood is a stage which a child should do as much fun as much he can at this stage never returns.

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How can overcome embarrassment when you don’t speak English in public place or in social gatherings…

When anyone can start to speak in English in parties or in office meetings and we can’t, so we feel embarrassed, shamed even frustrated. We start to cut off to peoples and we feel shy to go in social gatherings we might make a fool themselves. You should figure out the reason why you feel shy and overcome it, this all about a human psychology try to identify your thoughts before you speak. Simply you don’t have a necessary vocabulary to express yourself, next problem is pronunciation you’re scared of pronouncing a word wrong because you don’t know a right accent.

How do you overcome fears:

Join English speaking classes, take a Hindi to an English dictionary and increase your vocab as well as your pronunciation. To increase your confidence start speak in front of the mirror just speak loudly forget about grammatical mistakes and sentence formation, overcome your fear and shyness, boost up your confidence. Talk to yourself speak to yourself, answer yourself, dispute the answer, convince yourself. Record the whole conversation for the betterment of yourself and know about your weak areas.  When you speak English and you feel low or shy, so give a beautiful smile and maintain eye contact with the other person. Because a smile to a stranger can make you forget about mistakes.



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Kids games

Fun means enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, celebration, entertainment. We all want some fun in our stressful life, do some those type of activities are considered to be fun. The fun activity gives you mental and physical peace. You can do fun activities during your work, with family, with friends. Activities may differ from situation to situation and person to person.



Let’s see some activities:

For kids:        

Kids are inborn entertainer they are true stress buster they can’t worry about problems, stress. They are enjoyed a lot. If you are in a tension so start playing with kids. But you have to arrange some fun activities for your kids. You can play with their toys play with craft sticks, play small indoor games like “pakdam pakdai”, “Hide and seek” and so on. And as a parent show your love and caring attitude for your child. Sit with your child and draw some figure and tell to him/her try to figure out the name or you can also try name, place, animal thing game it is knowledgeable and easy to understand for your children, through this fun activity child become sharper and intelligent.


For adults:

When adults are meet together so some chit-chat has happened and they try to do fun activities. You can play passing the passing with a cushion or any object which is easy to carry and invite more and more players. Playing cards are also a good source of time pass and have fun or you will also ask some crazy questions to your friends or brother and sisters, continue the game until you don’t have the craziest answer. The most common and funniest game is dumsharas in this game make a team of 4 to 5 players and do the action you can express the name of a film to your expressions only and opposite team guess the name of the movie you can also test your ability is your action is really louder than your words??




Try to some new hobbies and sharpen your skills as much as possible, go for a long drive with your loved ones, do something new like sing a  song, painting, dancing, fishing. Whatever you want just do it now don’t worry about right or wrong. Do craziest things like bungee jumping, ride the roller coaster, ride on an elephant, skating and get away your fear.





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My boss is always irritated me, what can I do


My blog is for those women and girls who work in office or outside too, often hear the news that my boss is coercing with me or exploiting me, what do I do, and what people have done to understand this Do not understand that they are being exploited or, in today, tell you how to find out whether you are exploiting or not-:


  1.  If your boss calls you at home alone: – If the boss calls you home alone without any purpose, it is wrong, any boss can call his employee alone in the house when his intention is wrong. If even more employees are going to his house, it’s fine, but he only foresees you to come alone. Let’s understand that something can be wrong.


business woman screaming


2.  Call or text you without any reason:- If the boss calls you or calls you without a thing, it is also wrong that he is going to befriend you, but if he does a late night message or a call, then his intention is not to make friends. Avoid it and nevertheless, he continuously calling or text so you have to take a strict action.



3. Check the body language:- Check the body language and eye contact if he trying to seduce you or if he uses a lingering sign language so please stay away, stop react and start taking action. It is a filthy type of abuse.



4.  If he starts touching you without your permissions: If he touches you without your permission and he also tries to see or touch your private parts, start taking action at the moment. if you complied to the higher level, then he may be saved. If the boss has to die for the condition of chanting, let’s die. Do not panic. And tell this to everyone in the office.



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