Fitness hacks for busy people




Our life is so busy, someone has to reach office early and some have busy to earn money. We are so busy doing our work that we do not even know what is going on around us. This part of the race has left behind health, and we are going ahead. Nowadays people get many diseases at work age. We earn money a little, but the money that we should enjoy life is the money we spend in fixing the disease. People have become careless because of their health, Diseases like blood pressure, sugar, heart disease, thrown are happening in every home. In a way, we are increasing the business of doctors and medicines. Nowadays people are having problems like joint pain, trapezes, headaches, for which they go to doctors and physiotherapists, and they spend all the money. All these difficulties give even more trouble in Old Age. We are responsible for our own health, but we do not understand it, we only consider ourselves to work, to make money and eat food. Today I am going a to tell you the easy way of exercising which you can do anytime, anywhere.



  1.  Morning exercise- Often people come to exercise in the morning, look at some exercises which can be done on the bed too. Before lifting, you stretch your hands and legs and it will open the nervous. After that rotate hands and legs in clockwork and anticlockwise direction, blood circulation will be good and no joint pen will have complained. After this, you move the hands back and forth and it will also cause full-body stretching. Lie down on the bed with a hand and push the legs back and forth, this is also a good exercise.



  1. Desk exercise- Sitting at the office desk can also exercise, such as rotating your head with clockwork and anti clockwise, standing on your chair and sitting will not numb the foot and blood circulation will remain. Sitting in the desk can rotate your eyes with Clockwise and Anticlockwise.


  1. Bathroom exercise- Some exercises that you can do in the bathroom too, like sit-ups, side stretching, jumping, you can do the comfort of the enclosure in the bathroom, but keep in mind that use sleeper while exercising otherwise you can fall. You will also do crunches and push ups with every shower.


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