How to clean a fish tank

(Northern sea nettle (Chrysaora Melanaster) floating, with Mackerel fry ( Carangidae) Izu, Japan. January.)

Fish are great stress busters:

Fish are our family members they also required care, love, and attention. Beautiful, giant, eye-catching aquariums are the great source of Vastu Shastra. You know aquariums are created the high source of positive energy around you. According to research in medical science high blood pressure, tension, anxiety and more disease cured by stare beauty of fish aquariums they also secured from the anxiety attack, accident, and untoward incidents. Movements of fishes generate positive aura, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in your home. Placed aquarium in the right direction this is a master key to success and harmony if you placed in the wrong direction so it may be ruined you. Feed your fishes on daily basis don’t forget because of they also a livelihood species so they also required food for survival.



Some tips for keeping fish in an aquarium.-:

1. Always keep healthy fishes in the aquarium because they give you health and happiness.
2. Nine fishes are the sign of prosperity, wealth, and love.
3. Fishes are the symbol of one to oneness.
4. A combination of eight gold fishes and one dragon fish is auspicious.

5. If a fish dies naturally so don’t panic sometimes they died because of disease, Immediately out of dead fish and put the medicine in the aquarium, so that the other fish do not get sick.

6. Placed the fish tank in a living room or drawing room of your home, not locating fish tank in kitchen or bedroom.


Cleaning tips-

1. Move the fishes- First step of cleaning, move the fishes from aquarium keep fishes are in the bucket or in a tub put them in the same tank water is like a health tonic for fish so don’t change it. Once aquarium checked well, no fish left.



2. Cleaning the toys and aquarium- Generally, we put colorful toys, rocks, and filter in the aquarium. You have to clean these stuff, use a table salt or hot water to clean, it will clean the entire dirt. You can also use salt to clear glass pot or aquarium.



3. Clean the aquarium- After releasing fish, toys, and filters. Now clear water from siphon system. Clean the whole aquarium with the help of a piece of cloth and salt. Apply salt to the clothes and clean it, Once the aquarium is cleaned, put the blossom, filter in it, and after putting the fish back into the aquarium, add methyl blue medicine.



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