My boss is always irritated me, what can I do


My blog is for those women and girls who work in office or outside too, often hear the news that my boss is coercing with me or exploiting me, what do I do, and what people have done to understand this Do not understand that they are being exploited or, in today, tell you how to find out whether you are exploiting or not-:


  1.  If your boss calls you at home alone: – If the boss calls you home alone without any purpose, it is wrong, any boss can call his employee alone in the house when his intention is wrong. If even more employees are going to his house, it’s fine, but he only foresees you to come alone. Let’s understand that something can be wrong.


business woman screaming


2.  Call or text you without any reason:- If the boss calls you or calls you without a thing, it is also wrong that he is going to befriend you, but if he does a late night message or a call, then his intention is not to make friends. Avoid it and nevertheless, he continuously calling or text so you have to take a strict action.



3. Check the body language:- Check the body language and eye contact if he trying to seduce you or if he uses a lingering sign language so please stay away, stop react and start taking action. It is a filthy type of abuse.



4.  If he starts touching you without your permissions: If he touches you without your permission and he also tries to see or touch your private parts, start taking action at the moment. if you complied to the higher level, then he may be saved. If the boss has to die for the condition of chanting, let’s die. Do not panic. And tell this to everyone in the office.



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