Never eat Disease producing foods


We can take food for energy, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals because this is a foundation of our health, we can’t live without this. We always take precautions while we purchase a food. As you look back so on 70’s or 80’s people don’t take food from outside means they often go to a restaurant, they are so much health-conscious. Today’s life is very fast we all move to fast food, frozen packet foods these fast food give you a disease, knowingly or unknowingly we can serve or purchased disease for ourselves.

Disease giving food-

  1. Sugar- Sugar give you sweetness it melts in your mouth and give you a taste of sweetness and satisfy your taste buds, but if you take in large quantity it will give you disease called sugar, see this is a purely habitual disease sometimes it genetic but maximum times it habitual, eat sugar but only that much that you can consume easily. Don’t eat raw sugar it will be dangerous for your pancreas. Don’t add raw sugar in that food are give you natural sweetness.


  1. Salt- Salt is a root cause of heart disease if you take so much salt you may suffering from blood pressure so your heart starts work to purify the blood. Are you scared of eating salt, if your answer is yes it’s good because it’s good for your health, don’t be panic, remember I said this happens from if you taking so much amount of salt? Once you suffering from a disease so you go to doctor your bag is loaded with chunks of medicines and prescriptions and reports, so it’s better to give fee to doctor, eat salt according to your health not according to your taste.


  1. Fast food- What a busy life we have we all busy in our work, we don’t have time to take a breath. Youngsters are attracted to fast food like burger, pizza and so on.. Fast food gives you fast disease fast food contains heavy cholesterol and fat content, cholesterol is very bad for your stomach and for your heart it kills omega-3 from your body. Only a few people know our liver produces 80% fat and we take only 20% from our food but we take opposite we take 80% more fat in our food then problem starts, our liver becomes fatty, we are suffering from obesity and so many problems are started, so stop eating fast food if you don’t want to live fast and don’t want to die before from your age.



  1. Microwave foods- In busy schedule we can also add another source of disease- microwave as we understand microwave to cook and grill the food from waves which are never good for our health, waves give you delicious food as well they serve you major disease called CANCER. Don’t eat grilled foods of microwave like grilled chicken, grilled sandwich, all kind of dishes are grilled in the microwave. It gives you lung, stomach, liver, prostate(men), cervical and breast(women) cancer. You can grill food on barbeque because in barbeque we can use charcoal.



  1. Artificial foods- Market is loaded with artificial foods, packaged drink, cold drinks give you brain tumours and obesity. Artificial foods contain artificial flavours which is not good for your heart, liver, brain and kidney. Like artificial jewellery is not good for your skin like artificial food is not good for your health.


This information based on my knowledge and my personal experience it can vary from person to person. It’s not 100% true first consult your doctor and dietician. Before taking these foods.


Eat healthy food….Keep away from disease…





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