Food for babies



Unlike adults, babies immune system is unable to fight of human bacteria baby food is stored in the refrigerator in decreased temperature so that the rate of attacking bacteria can be decreased and time usage of the food item can be increased Bacteria’s attack food at room temperature. And spoil the food but baby food items are made in specialized conditions. During the preparation of these food items, amount of nutrition needed like of carbohydrates proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are especially. Taken care of.

Babies are provided with different food items as their growth takes place. Firstly, they are enriched with only mothers milk and later on as it starts growing it his diet also changes to some solid food at around six months like rice, oral then pure vegetables and fruits are ideal some of the special food containing iron pre-recommended to be included in first foods so as to prevent iron deficiency. These include pure meat and poultry dishes and some pure vegetables, these can be introduced along with nutritious foods and it is made sure that no hard food similar to nuts are given to the baby at the initial stages.

By 12 Months of age children should eat a variety of foods from different food groups. These are necessities of nutrients found generally in all the babies whereas baby food and care should be provided to the newborn under the supervision of the doctors. Because the child is born with different complexities. So doctors are best ones to suggest baby food items to need to give to the baby at the developmental different stages.

A special care should be taken for mothers food whatever the mother eats or drink is pass into breast milk during breastfeeding. Therefore mother should also limit herself from eating all the injurious food which can harm the health of the baby is breastfeeding is the most important food for babies. So baby food should be provided with utmost care so that baby will not face any problem in the initial stage of his growth.

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How can overcome embarrassment when you don’t speak English in public place or in social gatherings…

When anyone can start to speak in English in parties or in office meetings and we can’t, so we feel embarrassed, shamed even frustrated. We start to cut off to peoples and we feel shy to go in social gatherings we might make a fool themselves. You should figure out the reason why you feel shy and overcome it, this all about a human psychology try to identify your thoughts before you speak. Simply you don’t have a necessary vocabulary to express yourself, next problem is pronunciation you’re scared of pronouncing a word wrong because you don’t know a right accent.

How do you overcome fears:

Join English speaking classes, take a Hindi to an English dictionary and increase your vocab as well as your pronunciation. To increase your confidence start speak in front of the mirror just speak loudly forget about grammatical mistakes and sentence formation, overcome your fear and shyness, boost up your confidence. Talk to yourself speak to yourself, answer yourself, dispute the answer, convince yourself. Record the whole conversation for the betterment of yourself and know about your weak areas.  When you speak English and you feel low or shy, so give a beautiful smile and maintain eye contact with the other person. Because a smile to a stranger can make you forget about mistakes.



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Safety measures for women’s protection

My blog is dedicated to all females.

Keep calm and use your common sense.Try to focus on the solution, not a problem:

          If you wearing a suit with dupatta, so use your dupatta as a weapon.

  • Always carry a pepper spray, that irritates the eyes cause tears and pain. It’s not bulky, easy to carry, some models come with a handy keychain, easily buy it from medical stores.
  • You can also use pin, pen and nail cutter as a weapon and one you can also use mirror as a weapon, this is also a powerful tool try to lose the vision of a criminal, if you don’t have anything so start shouting grab a hair and shake the head very badly and run away.
  •  Always carry your fully charged cell phones and download some safety apps-:


  1. Pukaar-:  Pukar – App that works even without the internet an app that instantly connects you to your loved ones and the local police in case of an emergency. Once installed, a user in an emergency situation like – eve-teasing, stalking, unwanted sexual advances, kidnapping, theft, fire, road accidents etc. presses SOS button on this app, sending out SOS alert messages with his/her GPS location to local police (in select cities) and their pre-chosen emergency contacts at regular intervals.

  2. iGoSafely-: iGoSafely works as a personal security alarm, and intelligently incorporates a number of important personal safety features into a single app that can be used to alert your selected emergency contacts in the event that you are not able to call or text for any reason.
  3. VithU-: VithU, is an emergency App that, at the click of the power button of your smartphone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians.




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24 hour fitness

Are you fitness freak if your answer is yes, so you have to go to the gym, if you feel loose, lazy, your confidence is slow down and you want a good muscular body. So gym is the best option for you, I am true fitness freak person in this article I share my personal experience related to gym and I will give you right direction when we start the workout.


My experience:

Later on, I actually hate workout and literally I ran away from exercise and I give excuses and give wrong information about gymming because I thought gymming is the toughest task of the whole universe because I was lazy and don’t ready to do hard work. And the gym is all about a hard work and true dedication, without these, you can’t get a good body. But one day I decided I want to join a gym and I entered in a gym I was so excited as well as nervous because of its new for me. And slowly- slowly I start gymming and understand the meaning of how can build a body my trainer trained me how can do push-ups, pull-ups everything. Right now I like gymming I love gymming. Gymming give me a muscular body, good personality, and a huge confidence. I also higher a personal trainer is much more costly but it really works. According to my experience, I will tell you to start gymming right now keep healthy.


What is the right time to start Gymming:                                         

Generally, youngsters join a gym at a very earlier age in the class of 10th and most probably 12th. But this is not a right time to join a gym. You should wait for 2 to 3yrs, the right time to join a gym is between 21 to 23 years. Because the consequences of earlier gymming are, it affects your height, you are not grown up you look like smaller to your present age. If you are a newcomer to start gym under the guidance of a trainer. Don’t do it for yourself. Morning is the best time for a workout but if you don’t have a time so you can do in evening also.


I conclude this also share your experiences and give some useful tips related to workout it can beneficial for everyone…Think less do more, program your mind with positive thoughts. I hope my experience will help you.


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Kids games

Fun means enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, celebration, entertainment. We all want some fun in our stressful life, do some those type of activities are considered to be fun. The fun activity gives you mental and physical peace. You can do fun activities during your work, with family, with friends. Activities may differ from situation to situation and person to person.



Let’s see some activities:

For kids:        

Kids are inborn entertainer they are true stress buster they can’t worry about problems, stress. They are enjoyed a lot. If you are in a tension so start playing with kids. But you have to arrange some fun activities for your kids. You can play with their toys play with craft sticks, play small indoor games like “pakdam pakdai”, “Hide and seek” and so on. And as a parent show your love and caring attitude for your child. Sit with your child and draw some figure and tell to him/her try to figure out the name or you can also try name, place, animal thing game it is knowledgeable and easy to understand for your children, through this fun activity child become sharper and intelligent.


For adults:

When adults are meet together so some chit-chat has happened and they try to do fun activities. You can play passing the passing with a cushion or any object which is easy to carry and invite more and more players. Playing cards are also a good source of time pass and have fun or you will also ask some crazy questions to your friends or brother and sisters, continue the game until you don’t have the craziest answer. The most common and funniest game is dumsharas in this game make a team of 4 to 5 players and do the action you can express the name of a film to your expressions only and opposite team guess the name of the movie you can also test your ability is your action is really louder than your words??




Try to some new hobbies and sharpen your skills as much as possible, go for a long drive with your loved ones, do something new like sing a  song, painting, dancing, fishing. Whatever you want just do it now don’t worry about right or wrong. Do craziest things like bungee jumping, ride the roller coaster, ride on an elephant, skating and get away your fear.





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