Specialty of Indian Food

Indian food is a culture in itself. It is admired the world over. It comprises of titbits of all the major cuisines of the globe. Indian foodstuffs don’t lack anything; in fact, these are copied by other nations. These are delectable, wholesome and mouthwatering. I will tell you that there is no matching of Indian cuisines anywhere you go. It incorporates traditional along with modern. It blends varied tastes. If you visit any ethnic group, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the innovative use of ingredients and flawless manner of cooking. It blends taste plus it appeals to all. The specialty of Indian food cannot be undermined once you taste it. Be it south Indian dosa, idli, vada, sambar, uttapam or north Indian samosa, kachauri, raj bhog it certainly beats continental and oriental cuisines. Whenever a new Indian eatery opens up in some foreign location, it gives their native competitors a good run for their money. One finds simple Indian food selling like hot cakes abroad.

As India is a country of variety and diversity, I find it a foodie galore. The little-known recipes of yesteryear are a hit with all sorts of people. One Indian specialty is a quick adaptation of others’ cultures into itself. As our country is referred to as a subcontinent you can very well imagine the vast plethora of foods one finds in one’s platter. You will find a grand mix and match of our traditional items with today’s worldly foods. It simply does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian this food tastes heavenly n you feel the top of the world after having Indian meals.

Many times it happens that local specialties are on top of a foreigner’s list once he visits India again. Numerous Indian foodstuffs are a kind of medication in themselves and yes, these don’t even have any side- effects. Ingredients used are easy to find and convenient to use. One craves for more once he gets a taste of it. Some  Indian dishes are time- consuming but then they give a fantastic result too. Every community is best known for their gourmet culture. If you learn a dish from a community then also you will find a whole range to cover the others.

A person with good culinary skills is respected and looked up to. That’s why they say that cooking is an art which is well perfected by us, Indians. Any person who knows our cuisine well will tell you that it is healthy and fulfilling at the same time. The system of cooking prevalent from ancient times offers various benefits of eating Indian food. If it is prepared neatly and patiently, then you don’t have to go to a doctor every now and then as it is a complete cure in itself. The standards set by Indian cooking are unmatched. Despite fierce competition from other parts of the world, we can safely say it is the best and will remain so all the years to come.

Written by-

Madhulika Verma

(Teacher, Writer, Blogger)






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