24 hour fitness

Are you fitness freak if your answer is yes, so you have to go to the gym, if you feel loose, lazy, your confidence is slow down and you want a good muscular body. So gym is the best option for you, I am true fitness freak person in this article I share my personal experience related to gym and I will give you right direction when we start the workout.


My experience:

Later on, I actually hate workout and literally I ran away from exercise and I give excuses and give wrong information about gymming because I thought gymming is the toughest task of the whole universe because I was lazy and don’t ready to do hard work. And the gym is all about a hard work and true dedication, without these, you can’t get a good body. But one day I decided I want to join a gym and I entered in a gym I was so excited as well as nervous because of its new for me. And slowly- slowly I start gymming and understand the meaning of how can build a body my trainer trained me how can do push-ups, pull-ups everything. Right now I like gymming I love gymming. Gymming give me a muscular body, good personality, and a huge confidence. I also higher a personal trainer is much more costly but it really works. According to my experience, I will tell you to start gymming right now keep healthy.


What is the right time to start Gymming:                                         

Generally, youngsters join a gym at a very earlier age in the class of 10th and most probably 12th. But this is not a right time to join a gym. You should wait for 2 to 3yrs, the right time to join a gym is between 21 to 23 years. Because the consequences of earlier gymming are, it affects your height, you are not grown up you look like smaller to your present age. If you are a newcomer to start gym under the guidance of a trainer. Don’t do it for yourself. Morning is the best time for a workout but if you don’t have a time so you can do in evening also.


I conclude this also share your experiences and give some useful tips related to workout it can beneficial for everyone…Think less do more, program your mind with positive thoughts. I hope my experience will help you.


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Techniques for Biceps workout


Workout, Sweat, Glucose, Protein shake, then workout, sweat, glucose, protein shake, When you think about it you are at right place, When you think about workout as well as you think about your biceps because bulky biceps attracts, everyone wishes to make biceps like his favorite star or bodybuilder, but pumping biceps is not an easy task because biceps are a small muscle so it takes more time to pump as compared to other muscles, so don’t panic about it. Because biceps is a center muscle it situated between shoulder and forearms, so space is less for pumping, that’s why it develops slowly-slowly. And it also depends upon your workout schedule and your diet. If you take good diet and proper workout so, it develops fasten, not too fast but not too slow. Biceps is a small but important muscle of your body, so let’s see, how can do the workout.

Never do, this is a wrong technique.
  1. Forms: If you want the good shape of biceps so go slow, do proper repetitions slowly-slowly, I know it is deadly painful for you, but this is a right form to do exercise, stand properly don’t look down or side look straight and your arms must be close to your body then start exercise. If you not comfortable so you slightly far your hands from your body this is for beginners only. Don’t bend your body backward it gives you heavy back pain and you will take medicine to heal your pain.
  1. Grip-: You can set the grip according to your body or according to your hands, always take a comfortable grip don’t copy others, if you are copying so you get in trouble. Use your thumb properly for the tight grip, because grip plays very important role for the shape of your biceps. If you want broad biceps so take a wide grip if you want normal biceps to take normal grip. Suppose you do exercise and suddenly your forearms and biceps are full of pain, so don’t lose the grip suddenly, it hurts you.


  1. Right technique- This is the most important thing, every person who goes to the gym they should know about this technique when you pull the rod especially in biceps, pull the rod from lower and up slowly and touch to lower part of your chest, then go down, then repeat this technique. So, follow the right technique and get bulky biceps. For dumbbells take the dumbbell and keep close from your body and start exercise don’t shake your hands while doing dumbbells.



  1. Exercise for bulky biceps-: There is 6 major exercise to develop your biceps-:



  • Barbell curl- Barbell curl is a main and major workout for your biceps, don’t confuse in name barbell means rod, you can take the rod and fix the weight according to your power. Start from 10kg means 5kg per side, it is an enough lightweight to start the workout.


  • Dumbbell curl- Dumbbell curl is also for increasing the size of biceps, it gives strength to your biceps.


  • Incline dumbbell curl-Incline workout is basically for upper biceps, it develops your upper biceps most painful exercise of biceps because you don’t have any support, you can only pull the dumbbell from the power of your biceps.

  • Hammer curl- In hammer curl your brachioradialis is trained to develop again and again the rotational of your muscle is connected to brachioradialis.



  • Zigzag barbell curl- Zigzag barbell curl is opposite of barbell, the zigzag bar is a natural hand position grip, the zigzag design is different it is a form of ‘Z’ shape. Generally, the Zigzag bar is used to develop small muscles like biceps.


  • Preacher curl- Preacher curl is given proper shape for your biceps, it is the most effective exercise for the middle area of your biceps.

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