Types of Child Development

Child development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be but helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be. Every child has its own experiences of childhood. Childhood is not about having a race so as to secure the 1st position rather it’s about living each and every moment of his life. as childhood comes only once.

 When a child grows he always has a tendency to ask no. of ques. & get annoyed if not get those answer this practice of children annoys parent but this is the habit which leads to the brain development. This brain development of a child makes him intelligent and increases his power thinking critically.

 The psychosocial development consists eight stages from his birth till 8 years. During these 8 years, the development not only takes place physically instead emotionally socially and language-wise.

                A child learns many things especially his mother tongue during this development stage and starts inheriting qualities and habits from the family members and adults these habits carried by him from his childhood to entire life.

                Every child has its own unique way learning. In a way, unique way to handle their milestones in life During childhood, they go through small-small milestones like not able to convey their expression, not able to walk, not able to hold but this a stage of growth under which every child faces same problems.


                During different stages of their development, they face many problems. Like 0 to 5 years child faces a problem to convey he want to go washroom then 5 to 10 years during studies and if he does not have good friends then the problem arises. These are some of the milestones during the development of a child


                And a child born with exclusive imagination change this world easily Most of the development takes place during the stage of growth But childhood is a stage which a child should do as much fun as much he can at this stage never returns.

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