Things traveling teaches you that school dosen’t


Travelling: Journey is more beautiful than destination

Travelling is a beautiful moment in itself, people can travel by bicycle, bus, train, airplane, boat and so on. There is some reason behind traveling like recreation, fun, research, business trips, health care, charity. Go for a traveling at least once in a year it is a good stress buster. First traveling is like the first smile of a newborn baby, it gives you a smile on your face, forget all your worries, as well as you, feel like a king. So let’s go for a traveling, come with me.


Benefits of traveling:             

Grow your social network go and meet to strangers talk to them anything reduces stress sing with them, dance with them. Feel more flexible and feel like a free bird and imagine from your all heart is you are really flying in a sky. Learn from people observe them and try to see the positive side of each and every human being. When you are traveling alone it is also a fun in itself nobody can distract you, stop you, you can do anything of your choice, it will make you more confident and strong it is also cheap in terms of money means you can’t expand much more money. Group traveling is the best when you are in a group so things will be easier for you can share your stuff with each other, and sharing is caring.


My experience:

I share my experience with all of you, I remember I went to pachmadi with my family when I was too small and too naughty. We are going and I don’t remember what’s the time and suddenly I missed my family and I start crying and my family was searching me they are so tense. And they found me after an hour. Because of my naughty nature, I ran away from my family so don’t be naughty while you are traveling it becomes problematic for you.




Don’t forget to keep your useful belongings while traveling like First Aid kit, paper soap, sanitizer, tissue paper, sanitary pads. I mentioned here very small but useful things because people generally forget these things.


Discover new places, sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge, visit a new destination, Always  Be happy, Can you suggest me where can I go to holiday in 2017 in a good budget in India??



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